The Humber Observatory: Macro-modelling for Regional Environmental Management

Jack Hardisty
The Humbcr Observatory, School of Geography & Earth Resources, University of Hull, Hull HU6 7RX, United Kingdom

The Humber Observatory which consists of some eighteen radio-linked outstations relaying hourly measurements of a wide range of environmental parameters across East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, the Humber Estuary and the coastal North Sea is developing three operational models which cover air and water quality and traffic within the region. The present paper describes the design and implementation of the models and focuses, in particular, upon the relative roles of modellers and users in such, regional environmental expert systems. The distribution networks which utilise Internet and WWW protocols are examined. We conclude that within regional scale models it is possible to reconcile the research requirements of academic groups with the pragmatic requirements of the user community but that the technical and numerical solutions require more careful consideration.