The Construction of the Interactivity-Space

Atsushi Shinjoh
International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, 3-95, Ryokechou, Ogaki-city, Gifu 503, Japan

It is proposed a system for the urban planning which technology of Virtual Reality (VR) is used for. On the one hand, in most of past systems, the world are expressed with a system by using the CG or drawings. This system make a virtual space realistic one. In other word, we can experience the space which is not a real, but a plan. That is to say, while we expect or imagine virtual scape which are only planning by using the CG or drawing, we recognize this kind of virtual scape as environment which surrounds us by using technology of VR.

However, it is difficult which the experiences in the actual space and the virtual space are the same thing. As for being careful here, we are involved in the transfiguration of the world directly in the actual space. In my research, I define that an environment changes and has it defined by each human's interactions and behaviors. On the one hand, because the above system which technology of VR is used for is defined by a creature of this system, environment is unchanged and not influenced by each human's behaviors and interactions. For reasons mentioned above, it is clear to have the nature which two spaces are different from. That is to say, the above system does not built the space which is able to substitute a actual space, and is not a complete or succeeded system.

In my research, I made a new system toward these problems. This system has two features. One is the use of a CAVE system which is the hardware of VR. The CAVE system can built a virtual environment which is presented by multi screens. The CAVE system has a fault which the system is very big when it is compared with HMD (Head Mounted Display), or any other hardware of VR. However the CAVE system permit a human's free behavior. That is to say, it is made possible that the action which a human behave in this system influenced the transfiguration of the world. In this world, an agent exists equally with the human, and it is the subject which an interaction has, and an environment changes with behavior of agents and humans. As for the validity of this kind of system, it was shown in the research field of the artificial life.