2nd International Conference on GeoComputation

Interoperable GIS and Spatial Process Modelling

Andrew J. Marr, Richard T. Pascoe, and George L. Benwell

Spatial Information Research Centre,
Department of Computer and Information Science,
University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand
Tel. +64 (3) 479 8301, Fax. +64 (3) 479 8311

Email: ajmarr@commerce.otago.ac.nz
Email: rpascoe@commerce.otago.ac.nz
Email: gbenwell@gandalf.otago.ac.nz

Presented at the second annual conference of GeoComputation 97 & SIRC 97, University of Otago, New Zealand, 26-29 August 1997


Recent developments in GIS have focused on the need for technically unrestricted interchange of both spatial data and traditional GIS operations and analysis. In this paper it is asserted that while research in these fields are well advanced, parallel developments in the area of collaborative spatial process modelling development are becoming more reliant on free exchange of both data and models. It is suggested that as these two fields of research advance, the distinction between the two will be blurred. A proposal is put forward for the construction of a system-independent spatial process modelling tool capable of integrating the transfer of data and operations as well as other process modelling functions to complete desired outcomes.