2nd International Conference on GeoComputation

EpiMAN-TB, a Decision Support System using Spatial Information for the Management of Tuberculosis in Cattle and Deer in New Zealand

J.S. McKenzie 1 , R.S. Morris 1 , C.J. Tutty 2 , D.U. Pfeiffer 1

1Dept of Veterinary Clinical Sciences,
Massey University,
Palmerston North, New Zealand.

276 Cook Street,
Palmerston North, New Zealand

Presented at the second annual conference of GeoComputation 97 & SIRC 97, University of Otago, New Zealand, 26-29 August 1997


EpiMAN-TB is a decision support system that is being developed as a tool to assist the development and evalua-tion of TB control strategies, and the management of the TB control program in New Zealand. It takes the form of an epidemiological workbench of tools to support TB con-trol decisions made by field veterinarians and farmers. These tools include: the prediction of possum TB hot spots, clas-sification of farms according to TB risk, evaluation of pos-sum TB control strategies at the level of individual farms and at regional level. EpiMAN-TB comprises a database, map display tools, simulation models of the spread of TB between possums at farm and at regional levels, and deci-sion aids based on expert systems. It utilises spatial infor-mation relating to vegetation cover, topography and farm boundaries, plus TB history and management information for individual farms.