A Flexible Tool to Extract Algorithmic Knowledge From Image Interpretation Experts

Interpretation of multi-band satellite images often requires the combination of various bands to highlight particular features. Hard coding of the algorithms required to carry out these combinations into an image analysis system reduces flexibility and increases complexity. A tool which allows a user to easily enter, name, store and reuse algorithms is required.

KAGES (Knowledge Acquisition for Geographic Expert Systems) has such a tool called the Band Calculator. This allows a user to combine image bands from SPOT HRV, Landsat or NOAA AVHRR images and immediately see the result of applying a band combination algorithm which has been interactively entered as an equation. The algorithm can then be named and stored for reuse or can be discarded without having to hard code it into the system. Once the algorithm has been stored, it can be retrieved and used in other classification systems and the results of applying it can viewed at any time.