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Web-Based GIS Used to Enhance Public Democratic Involvement

EVANS, Andrew J. (aevans@geog.leeds.ac.uk), KINGSTON, Richard, CARVER, Steve, TURTON, Ian, University of Leeds, School of Geography, Leeds LS2 9JT, U.K.

Key Words: GIS, cyberdemocracy, public participation

Increasingly, the World Wide Web is being used to disseminate information of a spatial nature; however, there are relatively few systems that allow for the public to both query and manipulate information, let alone submit their ideas on spatial problems to those with the power to enact solutions. Ideally, systems should be available for the public to participate in finding solutions to a wide variety of real-world spatial problems. Such systems should allow users to:

This paper outlines research aimed at distributing such systems to the public to aid in the solution of environmental problems with a spatial component. Initial results and future developments also are presented.