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New Stage of the Baltic Marine Ecological Patrol in the Light of GeoComputation

VSEGEI - All-Russia Geological Institute, Russia

Key words: GIS, Geology, Environment, Mapping, Monitoring, World Wide Web

Marine Ecological Patrol (MEP) of the Baltic Sea is one of the new kinds of international scientific co-operation ventures initiated since 1990. Conception of the MEP was proposed and worked out in the All-Russia Geological Institute (VSEGEI), the main co-ordinator of this programme. The principle of MEP is based upon monitoring systematic (annual) and complex investigations (measuring) of the main characteristics of the basic geological, hydrophysical, and hydrobiological conditions in key regions of the Baltic Sea.

In the light of the obvious need for a new modern stage of investigations, the latest generation of detailed geological and geoecological (environmental) maps of the Gulf of Finland has been completed as a base for monitoring control.

Recent activities are aimed at creating an MEP web site for a web-based spatial data, knowledge, and ideas representations to present the results of annual investigations and monitoring changes, and to increase international cooperation around the most vital areas of environmental violation of the Baltic Sea bottom.