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Density Data Generation for Spatial Data Mining Applications

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Key words: Density, Scale, Resolution, Aggregation, Disaggregation

This paper describes the production of a particular type of density information from spatial data for spatial analysis applications or spatial data mining. The specification of an abstraction resolution for a chosen spatial framework is all that is required to produce this density information. This detailed spatial framework used for the production of the density information should also be that used for the subsequent spatial analysis. What is good about this way of producing density information is that once a spatial framework for the spatial analysis has been detailed, no further subjective bias is imposed on the resulting density information (even from NODATA space). In other words, the only spatial bias is given by the shapes of the frame used to tesselate data space. This paper focusses on the production of density information for two-dimensional square grids or rasters containing NODATA space that are commonly use in geocomputation.