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Using GIS to Help Explore Relationship School-Industry

CISDER Consultores, Mexico City, Mexico

Key words: Educational Planning, School-Industry Relationship, University, State of Hidalgo, Mexico

Mexican authorities are intent upon strengthening links between the State of Hidalgo college system and the industrial or productive state apparatus.  A college system is a set of physical and academic structures, each offering a set of academic programs. Installations are placed at or near principal urban centres. Productive apparatus is frequently a set of industrial installations or service organisations whose location obeys the logic of their individual activities.

This paper describes the economic profile of each State of Hidalgo region and compares each to the set of academic college programs the educational system is offering in that region. Information is compiled and displayed with the support of a Geographical Information System which will help the spatial part of analysis.  The paper presents some preliminary findings and recommendations derived from this approach