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Artificial Neural Network Method of Rock Mass Blastability Classification

JIANG, H., XU, W. and XIE, S.
Research Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, Hohai University, P.R.China

Key words: Rock Engineering, Artificial Neural Network, Explosion Classification Method

An attempt has been made to implement an artificial neural network (ANN) solution for rock mass blastability classification in the practice of rock engineering. A set of rock mass blasting data were used for neural network training and testing. ANNs were used to classify rock mass blastability rank. The better ANN model for rock mass blastability classification is presented and described after the ANN training and optimization. The ANN model is effective, stable, and adaptable and works well for classifying rock mass blastability. It is concluded that the ANN-based rock mass blastability classification can be developed well by proper training and learning algorithms based on a comprehensive data set. The importance of each influencing factor can be determined directly from the different net weights.