GeoComputation Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on GeoComputation
University of Queensland,
Brisbane, Australia
24 - 26 September 2001

The following papers were first published on CD-ROM. Produced by: David V. Pullar Publisher: "GeoComputation CD-ROM". ISBN 1864995637



Computational aspects of local regression modelling (ppt)
Stuart Fotheringham



Spatial Information: Problems, Challenges and Directions
Peter Whigham


Are Geographers Rational?
Ian Turton


Intelligent Agent Strategies for Modelling Urban Economies
Bill Macmillan and M. Bithell


Object-Based Environment for Urban Simulations
Itzhak Benenson


Towards a Spatial Framework for Modelling Urban Development Patterns, case study: Wuhan, P.R.China
Jianquan Cheng and Ian Masser


Dynamic Spatial Microsimulation Approaches to Urban and Regional Systems Modelling
Dimitris Ballas, Graham Clarke and Danny Dorling


Developing a Cellular Automaton Model of Urban Growth Incorporating Fuzzy Set Approaches
Yan Liu and Stuart Phinn


The Kathie Polynomial in XY for Describing an Arbitrarily Complex, but Regular Surface
Jack Massey


DEM Interpolation: Why settle for less?
David Kidner


Investigation of Spatial Interpolation Methods to Determine the Minimum Error of Estimation: Case Study, Temperature and Evaporation
Mohamm Mahdian, Ebrahim Hosseini and Mahmuod Matin


An Exploration into the Definition, Operationalization and Evaluation of Geographical Categories
Mark Gahegan, Xiping Dai and Masa Takatsuka


Understanding Spatial Complexities Utilising Similes and Metaphors
Alec Holt


Paddock Location Information as an Adjunct to Satellite Data when Using Machine Learning for Crop Recognition
Robyn Gibson and R Cameron-Jones


Infometric and Statistical Diagnostics to Support an Intelligent Approach to Interpolation
Claire Jarvis, Neil Stuart and William Cooper


Geographical Access to Services, Health (GASH): Modelling Population Access to New Zealand Public Hospitals
Lars Brabyn and Chris Skelly


A GIS-based Approach to Investigating Congenital Malformations and Other Reproductive Outcomes in Defined Geographical Areas Near Landfill Sites in Wales
Gary Higgs, Hilary Fielder and Stephen Palmer


Analysing Space-Time Variations In Primary Healthcare Provision In Rural areas
Sean White


Automated Spatial Pattern Detection
Ian Turton, Andy Turner and Alistair Walder


Why are Computational Processes Important?
Robert Abrahart and Jacky Hartnett


Embedding Knowledge in Data
Brian Lees


Handling Spatial Objects in a GIS Database -Relational vs Object Oriented Approaches
Paul Crowther and Jacky Hartnett


Modelling Spatial Data Integrity Rules at the Metadata Level
Sophie Cockcroft


Single-Model-Bootstrap Applied to Neural Network Rainfall-Runoff Forecasting
Robert Abrahart


Towards Defining Evaluation Measures for Neural Network Forecasting Models
Pauline Kneale, Linda See and Andrew Smith


Combining Non-Parametric Based Models for Multisource Predictive Forest Mapping
Zhi Huang


Modelling Human Spatio-temporal Behaviour: A Challenge for Location Based Services
David Mountain and Jonathan Raper


Intelligent Metadata Extraction for Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Antoni Moore, Allan Peter Sims and Grahame Blackwell


Impact Of Small-Scale Variability Of Soil Ph On The Vegetation Composition in a Mixed Hardwood
G. Zahedi, N. Lust and M. Van


From the Gastric to Global: a Computational Environment for Evaluating Effects of Foraging Choice on Landscape Composition
Paul Box


MedAction: An Internet Tool for Forecasting Land Use Change and Land Degradation in the Mediterranean Region
Richard Kingston


Planning Scenarios for the Growth of Hervey Bay
Chris Pettit and David Pullar


Integrating Spatial Statistics And GIS For Regional Studies In Thailand
Hung Tran and Yoshifumi Yasuokac


A Rough Set Based Methodology for Geographic Knowledge Discovery
Colin Aldridge


Computational Model for Spatial Knowledge Discovery in Topographic Map Database
Qingsheng Guo and Tao Wang


Spatial Data Mining and University Courses Marketing
Hong Tang and Simon McDonald


Data Mining Techniques For Autonomous Exploration of Large Volumes of Geo-referenced Crime Data
Vladimir Estivill-Castro and Ickjai Lee


Optimising Visibility Analyses Using Critical Points in the Terrain
Sanjay Rana


A New Approach for Landscape Mapping
Paul Batten


Fuzzy Modelling Of Environmental Suitability Index For Rural Land Use Systems: An Assessment Using A GIS
Sumbanga Baja, David Chapman and Deirdre Dragovich


Super-resolution Target Mapping from Soft Classified Remotely Sensed Imagery
Peter Atkinson


Extracting Detailed Information from High Resolution Airborne Digital Images of Vineyards
Andrew Hall, John Louis and David Lamb


Cell-based model for GIS Generalization
Bo Li, Graeme Wilkinson and Souheil Khaddaj


Assessing the Consistency of LiDAR Elevation Models
Peter Fisher and Nicholas Tate


Augmenting Animated Maps with Morphometric Surface Derivates
Sanjay Rana


An Application of the Self-Organizing Map and Interactive 3-D Visualization to Geospacial Data
Masahiro Takatsuka


Mapping Landscape Change : Space Time Dynamics and Historical Periods
Elizabeth Moylan


The Use of Spatially Distributed Friction Coefficients in a Dynamic Model of Flood Inundation
Matthew Wilson and Peter Atkinson


ArcEvolve- A suite of GIS Tools for Assessing Landform Evolution
Guy Boggs, K. Evans and C. Devonport


Using Watersheds to Define Adaptive Sampling Windows
Shawn Laffan


GeoComputation and Interoperability: The Future of Spatial Applications!!
Andrew Evans, James Macgill and Ian Turton


A New Interface for Accessing Census Interaction Data on the Web
John Stillwell and Oliver Duke-Williams


Developing GIS Tools to Integrate MCDM Models for Bank Branch Closure Analysis
Lihua Zhao and Barry Garner


The Effect of Spatial Generalisation on Filtering Noise for Spatio-temporal Analysis
Anna van Paddenburg and Monica Wachowicz


The Semantics to Determine the Temporal Relationships of Geographical Objects Over Time
Abdul Adamu, Souheil Khaddaj and Munir Morad


Customizing BIOCLIM to Investigate Spatial and Temporal Variations in Highly Mobile Species
Bruce Doran and Penny Olsen


The Performance of the Public Transport System in Time and Space
Thomas Thevenin


Localizing People During Surveys : a Versatile Strategy
Arnaud Banos


Calibrating a Model Based on Anticipation by Genetic Algorithms - Application to Real-time Demand Responsive Transport
Jerome Bolot


A Microsimulation Led Analysis: The Power of National Data Structures in Influencing Geodemographic Typologies
Anthony Caira


Developing the Automated Zoning Procedure to Reconcile Incompatible Zoning Systems
David Martin


Raster Representations of Apatial Attributes with Uncertainty Assessment using Nonlinear Stochastic Simulation
Carlos Felgueiras, Suzana Fuks and Antonio Monteiro


A Spatially Explicit Population Viability Model using GIS
Mark Lethbridge, Hugh Possingham and Andrew Tyre


Caveat Emptor: Random Number Generators in Geospatial Analysis
Kimberly van Niel and Shawn Laffan


Survey on Application of Geostatistical Methods for Estimation of Rainfall in Arid and Semiarid Regions in South West Of Iran
Ebrahim Chegini, Mohammad Mahdian, Sima Bandarabadi and Mohammad Mahdavi