GeoComputation 2011 Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on GeoComputation
University College London,
London, UK.
20 to 22 July 2011

Conference sponsors:

Taylor and Francis
Ordnance Survey


Keynote Presentations

Michael Batty
Visualising Space-Time Dynamics: Graphs and Maps, Plots and Clocks


Keith Clarke
The Future of Geocomputation


A. Stewart Fotheringham
Geographically Weighted Regression and Geocomputation: An Overview of Recent Developments


Peter Nijkamp
Digital environments and 'real world' geographies


Jo Wood
Does Visualization with Geocomputation offer anything we didn't know already?



A.J.Heppenstall, K.Harland, D.M.Smith and M.H. Birkin
Creating Realistic Synthetic Populations at Varying Spatial Scales: a Comparative Critique of Population Synthesis Techniques


M.Adnan, A.Singleton and P.Longley
Building Geodemographics on Parallel Graphics Processing Unit Architecture


J.A.Cheshire, M.Adnan, P.A.Longley
The Use of Consensus Clustering in Geodemographics


V.Rieser, D.T.Robinson, D.Murray-Rust, M.Rounsevell
A Comparison of Genetic Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning for Optimising Sustainable Forest Management


M.D.Clarke-Lauer and K.C.Clarke
Evolving Simulation Modeling: Calibrating SLEUTH Using a Genetic Algorithm


N.N.Pinto, A.P.Antunes, J.R.Cladera
Calibration of a Cellular Automata Model with the Particle Swarm Algorithm


N.N.Pinto, A.P.Antunes, J.R.Cladera
A Macroscale Cellular Automata Model for Simulating Urban Change in Regional Urban Systems


E-W.Augustijn-Beckers, J.Useya, R.Zurita-Milla, F.Osei;
Simulation of Cholera Diffusion to Compare Transmission Mechanisms


T-R.Roan, M.Haklay, C.Ellul
Modified Navigation Algorithms in Agent-Based Modelling for Fire Evacuation Simulation


N.Malleson and M.Birkin
Integrating an Agent-Based Model and a Population Microsimulation to Explore Crime Patterns


E.Manley, T.Cheng, A.Emmonds
Understanding Route Choice by Using Agent based Simulation


Merging Areal and Point Data in Medical Geography and Soil Mappin


A.Hagen-Zanker and Y.Jin
Reducing Aggregation Error in Spatial Interaction Models by Location Sampling


R.Kerry, P.Goovaerts, I.Smit and B.R.Ingram
Incorporating Environmental data into Poisson Kriging Approaches for Mapping Patterns of Herbivore Species Abundance in Kruger National Park, South Africa


S.Kolyaie and M.Yaghooti
Evaluation of Geostatistical Analysis Capability in Wireless Signal Propagation Modeling


M.Horner and J.Downs
Where were you? A Time-geographic Approach to Activity Destination Reconstruction


F.Afonso, F.Barbosa and A.Rodrigues
SimTraj: An Approach to Similar Queries over Trajectories Metric Spaces


N.Malizia, E.Mack and S.Rey
Measuring Population Shift Bias in Tests of Spatio-Temporal Interaction


L.C.Zammit, K.Scerri, M.Attard, T.Bajada and M.Scerri
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Air Pollution Data in Malta


C.Derungs, R.Purves and B.Waldvogel
Toponym Disambiguation of Landscape Features Using Geomorphometric Characteristics


P.Tucek, J.Caha and V.Pechanec
On Estimating Ecotone Occurrence from Land Cover Data Using Type 2 Fuzzy Sets


N.Samany, M.R.Delavar, N.Chrisman and M.R.Malek
Modeling Spatial Relevancy in Context-Aware Systems Using Fuzzy Intervals


C.Robertson, J.A.Long, T.A.Nelson, F.Nathoo
Map Comparison for the Evaluation of Spatial Bayesian Models


On the Use of Grey Information Theory as a Conceptual Framework for Treating Uncertainty in Spatial Systems


T.Cheng, J.Wang, J.Haworth, B.Heydecker and A.Chow
Modelling Dynamic Space-Time Autocorrelations of Urban Transport Network


T.Osaragi and Y.Hiraga
Road Network Analysis using Geometric Graphs of Β-skeleton


B.Jiang and X.Liu
The Head/tail Division Rule for Characterizing the Scaling of Geographic Space


Distance Dependence in the Spatial Structure of China Aviation System: A Complex Network Perspective


T.Koukoletsos, M.Haklay and C.Ellul
An Automated Method to Assess Data Completeness and Positional Accuracy of OpenStreetMap


L.See, S.Fritz, I.Mccallum, C.Schill, C.Perger and M.Obersteiner
Improving Global Land Cover through Crowdsourcing and Map Integration


Gong, J., Wu, H., Gao, W., Yue, P., Zhu, X.
Geospatial Service Web-Cyber Infrastructure for Service-oriented Geospatial Science


Guan, X. and Wu, H.
A Universal Framework for Parallel Processing Massive Spatial Data using a Split-and-Merge Paradigm


Bolbol, A., Cheng, T. and Haworth, J.
Using a Moving Window SVMs Classification to Infer Travel Mode from GPS Data


Turton, I. and Turner, A.
Putting the Geographical Analysis Machine on the Internet Revisited


Takizawa, A.
Inverse Estimation of the Point Position from an Image of Kernel Density Estimation


The following papers are within the full proceedings, linked

Haworth, J., Cheng, T., Shawe-Taylor, J.
Kernel Regression for Traffic Prediction Under Missing Data


Ying, F., Mooney, P., Corcoran, P., and Winstanley, A.
Selective Progressive Transmission of Vector Data


Qin, C-Z Lu, Y-J., Zhu, A-X., and Qiu, W.
Software Prototyping of A Heuristic and Visualized Modeling Environment for Digital Terrain Analysis


Laffan, S.
Interactive Visualisation of Spatial Turnover


Warsop, T.
Automatic Terrain Analysis in Railway Transportation Corridors with Regard to Asset Line-of-Sight from Monocular Video


Yang, W., Fotheringham, A.S., and Harris, P.
Model Selection in GWR: the Development of a Flexible Bandwidth GWR


Crespo, R. and Grêt-Regamey, A.
Spatial planning - an inverse problem?


Comber, A., Brunsdon, C., and Radburn, R.
A Spatial Analysis of Perceptions of Health Services Accessibility, Health Status and Geographic Access using GWR


Lu, B. and Charlton, M.
Distance Metric Selection for Calibrating a Geographically Weighted Regression model


Andris, C. and Ferreira, J.
Eight Challenges for Social Flows in a GIS Framework


Jacob, R., Mooney, P., Corcoran, P. and Winstanley, A.
A Flexible Model for Haptic-assisted Pedestrian Navigation Mobile Applications


Nara, A. and Torrens, P.
Trajectory Data Mining: Classification and Spatio-Temporal Visualization of Mobile Objects


Downs, J. and Horner, M.
An Adaptive-Velocity Time-geographic Density Estimator


Chukwusa, E., Comber, A. and Brunsdon, C.
Dynamic Planning of Ambulance Location in Leicestershire


Zurita-Milla, R., Arifin, Md.S. and Huisman, O.
Locating-allocating Schools Using Metaheuristics and GIS


Li Y. and Brimicombe, A.
A New Variable for Spatial Accessibility Measurement in Social Infrastructure Planning


Chaudhuri, G. and Clarke, K.
Temporal Limits to Urban Growth Modelling


Benenson, I., Rosental, A. and Martens, K.
High-Resolution Estimation and Analysis of Transport Accessibility in the City


Xie, Y. and Tan, X.
Agent-based Modeling of Sustainable Urban Development along the Mid-Section of Silk Road in Northwest China


Vallejo, M.
Using Agent-Based Complex Systems to Model Impacts of Policy Decisions on Climate Change Scenarios


Semeniuk, C., Musiani, M., Hebblewhite, M., Grindal, S. and Marceau, D.
An Agent-Based Model of Woodland Caribou Habitat- Selection in West Central Alberta: A Behavioural and Ecological Approach


Wise, S. and Crooks, A.
Agent Based Modelling and GIS for Community Resource Management: Acequiabased Agriculture


Waizman, G., Blank-Baron, E. and Benenson, I.
SAFEPED: Agent-Based Environment for Estimating Accident Risks at the Road Black Spots


Scheitlin, K., Mesev, V. and Elsner, J.
Polyline Averaging Using Distance Surfaces: a Spatial Hurricane Climatology


Conley, J. and Stewart, R.
Using Fine Resolution Population Data and Spatial Interaction Modeling to Estimate Risk from Airborne Toxic Releases


Nelson, T. and Robertson, C.
Defining Spatial Weights Matrices in Ecological Research


Tsirogiannis, C.
Geometric Techniques to Speed up Geospatial Feature Matching



GeoComputation and Dialect Lexicography: Methods to Increase Insight in an Interdisciplinary Partnership


S.K.Alavipanah, H.R.Matinfar, N.Sarmasti, M.Jafarbeglou, S.Goodarzimehr, B.Khakbaz and F.Khosravi
Evaluation of ASTER and LISS III Data in Identification of Saline Soils, Case Study: Regions of Iran


A.Khmag, A.Comber, P.Fisher
Accuracy Assessment for Fuzzy Classification in Tripoli, Libya


A.Sokmenoglu, G.Cagdas and S.Sariyildiz
Application of Data Mining In Micro-scale Urban Feature Analysis


MetaHeuristics for a Non-Linear Spatial Sampling Problem


Spatial Determinants of Quality of Life in Urban Areas: Does Metropolitan Contiguity Effect?


P.Tucek, L.Marek, V.Pászto, Z.Janoška and M.Dancák
Fractal Perspectives of GIScience Based on the Leaf Shape Analysis


K.Al-Ahmadi, A.Heppenstall, L.See and A.Al-Zahrani
Building a Web-based Cancer Atlas for Saudi Arabia


A.Crooks and S.Wise
Modelling the Humanitarian Relief through Crowdsourcing, Volunteered Geographical Information and Agent-based modelling: A Test Case - Haiti


H.Wu, W.Gao
Vector-based Mathematical Morphology


P.Foley and U.Demáar
Towards Using Geovisual Analytics to Interpret the Output of Geographically Weighted Discriminant Analysis


T.Stepinski, D.White and J.Salazar
Discovering Different Regimes of Biodiversity Support Using Decision Tree Learning


B.Bhaduri, X.Cui, C.Liu, J.Santos-Hernandez, B.Preston, J.Schryver, J.Nutaro, S.Hadley, R.Medina and H.K.Kim
Knowledge Discovery for Exploring the Relations between Climate Change and Population Dynamics


Location Based Social Networks-Tracking Activity in an Urban Environment in Using Twitter Data