Invited Speakers

Dr. Jo Wood, City University, United Kingdom

Does Visualization with Geocomputation offer anything we didn’t know already?

Abstract: Many people who find themselves conducting geocomputation will have a background in, or at least have been exposed to, the visual representation of spatial data. Whether though traditional cartography, standard outputs from GI Systems or through statistical graphics we are used to seeing pictures of our data and analysis. Yet the growing disciplines of Information Visualization and Visual Analytics as well as the catch-all GeoVisualization suggest there has been substantial academic development in the science of visual representation as part of the analytic process. Can we learn from these disciplines or are they merely retreading issues that cartographers and GI scientists have understood for decades?

This talk will consider some of the history and recent developments in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics to reflect on what lessons might be learned for Geocomputation. An overview of some of the visualization technologies not traditionally associated with GI Systems and Geocomputation will be given along with some of the techniques that might offer benefit for those analyzing geospatial data.

Biography: Dr Jo Wood is a Reader in Geographic Information Science at the giCentre, City University London. He has been researching and teaching in the fields of GIS and visualization for 20 years and has over 80 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and published conference proceedings in this field. He is a member of a number of international programme committees in the fields of visualization and GI science including IEEE Information Visualization, IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology, UKVAC Workshop on Visual Analytics, EuroVis, Spatial Accuracy and Geomorphometry. He is author of a number of software applications for GI analysis and data visualization including LandSerf, giCentreUtils and treeMappa.