GeoComputation 2013 Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on GeoComputation
Wuhan University,
Wuhan, China.
23 to 25 May 2013

Conference sponsors:

Chinese Government

A single rar file containing all the papers ("accepted abstracts") can also be found on the conference webpages.


Keynote Presentations

Xuejun Yang
High-Performance Computing Systems in China


Feng Zhao
CityOS: the coming convergence of sensor networks, big data, and cloud computing

Harvey Miller
Big Time Geography: Time Geography in the Era of Big Data


Shaowen Wang
Scalable Geocomputation Science


Paul Longley
Geocomputation and Socioeconomic Data Infrastructures



Xia Li
Early warning systems for detecting illegal development in fast growing regions


Jia Liu, Yong Xue, Longli Liu, Ziqiang Chen and Jing Dong
A Model Base Based Grid Workflow Expertise Logical Validation Solution for Quantitative Remote Sensing Retrieval


Monghyeon Lee, Parmanand Sinha, Yongwan Chun and Daniel Griffith
An Equation for Identifying the Candidate Set of Eigenvectors From Which Ones Are Selected when Constructing an Eigenvector Spatial Filter


Ran Wei and Alan Murray
Assessing Continuous Demand Representation in Coverage Modeling


Qingfeng Guan, Wen Zeng and Shishi Liu
pRPL 2.0 Improving the Parallel Raster Processing Library


Alison Heppenstall, Nick Malleson, Linda See and Andrew Evans
Optimising an Agent-Based Model to Explore the Behaviour of Simulated Burglars


Ping Zhang and Peter Atkinson
Modelling the Avian Influenza H5N1 Virus Infection in Human and Analyzing its Evolution in China


Binbin Lu, Paul Harris, Isabella Gollini, Martin Charlton and Chris Brunsdon
Introducing the GWmodel R and python packages for modelling spatial heterogeneity


Lu Liu, Anran Yang, Luo Chen, Wei Xiong, Qiuyun Wu and Ning Jing
HiGIS - When GIS Meets HPC


Mark Birkin and Nick Malleson
The Spatial Analysis of Short-term Population Movements with Social Media Data


Chengchao Zuo, Mark Birkin and Nicolas Malleson
Dynamic Microsimulation Modelling for National Infrastructure Demand in an Uncertain Future


Bin Jiang
Why Can the Image of the City Be Formed


Xuan Shi
Geocomputation over the Emerging Heterogeneous Computing Infrastructure


Hao Wu, Jun Chen and Songnian Li
Pragmatics Driven Web Service Integration Based on Behavior -Intention Model


Ninghua Wang and Li An
Use of Agent-based Simulation Data in Assessing the Inferential Power of Statistical Methods


Fei Hu and Zheng Wang
Multi Agent-Based Simulation of the influences of government's policies on the regional economic development


Wenwen Li
A Hybrid Indexing and Ranking Approach to Enhance Geospatial Semantic Search


Wei Jiang and Yang Yue
Detecting daily commuting distance from GPS trajectory


Jun Wang and Daniel Brown
On the Change-of-Support Problem for Areal Data A Geostatistical Inverse Modeling Approach


Muhammad Adnan, Guy Lansley and Paul Longley
Twitter geodemographic analysis of ethnicity and identity in Greater London


Lixin Wu, Jieqing Yu and Haiguang Bao
Mapping Planet Earth in ESSG CTA Model and Global Spatial Data Visualization


Shihong Du
Direction-based Qualitative Locations


Zhongqiu Liu, Yaolin Liu and Yangjie Guo
A Compound-type Neighborhood Cellular Automata Model for Land Use Dynamics


Yulia Grinblat, Itzhak Benenson, Giora Kidron and Arnon Karnieli
Simulating land-use degradation in West Africa with the ALADYN model


Feng Liu and Jianwen Guo
Heterogeneity Classification and Structural Analysis with Geometrical Characteristics


Ick-Hoi Kim and Chen-Chieh Feng
Parallel Strategy of Peak Identification Algorithm Based on Region Growing Method


Jincheng Jiang and Lixin Wu
A MPI Parallel Algorithm for the Maximum Flow Problem


Xiang Zhao, Yaolin Liu and Dianfeng Liu
Aitso: an artificial immune systems tool for spatial optimization


Bisheng Yang, Hongchao Fan and Xuechen Luan
A Multilane Roads Detection Approach for Urban Transport Skeleton Knowledge Discovery


Yaolin Liu and Man Yuan
Model of land use spatial optimization based on a knowledge guide genetic algorithm


Wei Liu
Simulation of the Spatial-temporal Evolution of Coal Supply and Demand Based on Multi-agent


Tao Cheng and Monsuru Adepeju
Detecting Emerging Space-Time Crime Patterns by Prospective STSS


Zhenhua Zhu and Hongyan Zhang
Constructing the Historical Database of Administrative Division


Jin Zhang
Classification and Evaluation on Urban Sprawl Quality in Future Shenzhen Based on SOFM Network Model


Ed Manley, Tao Cheng and James Haworth
Markov Chain Topological Route Selection


Zhiwei Cao, Muki Haklay and Tao Cheng
Improving the Accuracy of Geo-Processing through a Combinative Computation Method


Yang Lu, MingyongCai, Qiuwen Zhou and Shengtian Yang
Spatial Downscaling of TRMM Precipitation Using DEM and NDVI in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin


Sam Stehle
Pattern Matching Via Sequence Alignment Analysing Spatio-Temporal Distances


F. Benjamin Zhan, Jing Yang, Jean D. Brender, Peter H. Langlois, Xi Gong and Chong Zhang
Computational Environmental Epidemiology: Searching for Possible Associations between Maternal Exposure to Toxic Air Pollutants and Malformation in Offspring


Xiaochen Kang
A General Framework for Real-Time Geocollaboration Spatial Behavior Lock Graph


Yibin Ren, Zhenjie Chen and Feixue Li
Design and Implementation of Parallel Algorithm Used in Validating Topology Based on MPI


Yichi Zhang and Shengtian Yang
An improvement research of LCM----a rainstorm and flooding model


Ahmed Sidahmed and Gyozo Gidofalvi
A MapReduce-based Multiple Flow Direction Runoff Simulation


Changqing Zhu, Deyu Tong and Na Ren
Watermarking Algorithm Based on Invisible Unicode Characters for GIS Attribute Database


Zhonghai Yu, Yongbin Tan and Zhujun Xiang
Automatic Recognition and Resolution of Line Symbol Spatial Conflict in Cartography Based on Elastic Beams Model


Xiaodong Mu and Huiping Liu
Monitoring land cover change in RUFAs A novel approach based on the VIS model and change indicators


Qingnian Zhang
An Algorithm of Euclidean Distance Transform in the Presence of Obstacles


Michael Widener and Lin Liu
Simulating Relief Resource Distribution Strategies in Urban Settings


Itzhak Benenson, Nadav Levy and Karel Martens
Leaving the Ivory Tower of a System Theory From Geosimulation of Parking Search to Urban Parking Policy-Making


James Haworth, Tao Cheng and Edward Manley
Improving forecasting under missing data on sparse spatial networks


Eiman Elbanhawy
Travel Demand Modelling Of Electric Mobility-Standpoints of Existing Approaches


Dongyang Hou, Hao Wu and Jun Chen
A toponym-based dual vector for topical relevance calculation in focused spatial crawling


Kwangsoo Yang, Dev Oliver, Michael R. Evans and Shashi Shekhar
Capacity-Constrained Network-Voronoi Diagram An Extended Abstract


Xiliang Liu, Feng Lu and Hengcai Zhang
Estimating Intersection Delays in City Networks with Floating Car Data A Boosting Approach


Jiangping Chen, Tiantian Cheng and Penglin Zhang
Simulation of spatio-temporal land use pattern based on LISA-Markov model


Ying Song and Harvey Miller
Modeling Visit Probabilities within Space-Time Prisms in Continuous Space and Time using Truncated Brownian Bridges


Tao Pei, Stanislav Sobolevsky and Carlo Ratti
Spatiotemporal analysis on imbalance of mobile phone network


Renrong Jiang, Hongxia Wang, Bo Huang and Gao Guo
An Improved Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model with a Novel Weight Matrix


Min Deng, Yan Shi and Qiliang Liu
A framework to mine significant association patterns from climate time series


Honghui Zhang, Yongnian Zeng and Xiaobin Jin
Modelling farmland conversion integrating multi-agent systems and resource economics theory


Yingzhi Zhang and Dajun Dai
Simulating fire spread in a community using an agent-based model


Jin Chen, Cong Wang, Yuhan Rao, Yuan Zhou and Miaogen Shen
A simple and effective method for detecting phenological change from time series of vegetation index


Dali Wang, Ziliang Zhao, Shih-Lung Shaw, Gerald Ragghianti, and Yaxing Wei
Building a high performance ArcGIS cluster and its application to climate data processing


Yang Shao
MODIS-based Corn Mapping in the Midwest US - Generalization of Image Classification across Time


Qiliang Liu and Zhilin Li
Handling Dependence of Spatial Clustering on Scale



Parmanand Sinha, Monghyeon Lee, Yongwan Chun and Daniel Griffith
Eigenvector Selection for Eigenvector Spatial Filtering


Wei Tu and Jie Tian
An Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of Preterm Birth Prevalence in Georgia, USA, 1995-2010


Guo'an Tang and Kai Liu
Quantitative Analysis of Terrain Texture from DEMs Based on Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix


Ziqiang Chen, Yong Xue, Jing Dong, Jia Liu and Longli Liu
RSSN A High Throughput Geocomputing Platform for Remote Sensing Quantitative Retrieval and it's Task Scheduling Sub-System


Jing Dong, Yong Xue, Ziqiang Chen and Jia Liu
The Mechanism of Remote Sensing Models Integration and Sharing


Hongda Hu
A Parallel Spatiotemporal Algorithm


Lin Dong
Incremental Maintenance of Discovered Spatial Association Rules


Anran Yang, Lu Liu, Luo Chen and Ning Jing
Geographical Workflow System over HPC Clusters Based on MPI


Li-Jun Zhan, Cheng-Zhi Qin
Parallel Geospatial Raster Processing by Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) - Applicability and Defects


Hongbin Wang
View-dependently topological LOD for terrain morphology


Jiaqi Xu
R Programs for Spatio-temporal Modeling


Jan Caha and Jirí Dvorský
Comparison of Fuzzy Arithmetic and Stochastic Simulation for Uncertainty Propagation in Slope Analysis


Chunxiang Gu, Aiwen Xu, Zhangqi Zhong and Zheng Wang
An Analysis for Tourism Market Area of Chinese District


Zheng Wang, Gaoxiang Gu and Zixuan Yao
Multi-Agent-based Simulation on the Evolution and Development of Chinese Regional Economy with Technology and Capital Diffusion


Tianxiang Yue
A Novel Method for Earth Surface Modelling and Its Applications


Yang Wang and Shuangcheng Li
An agent-based model of urban expansion


Qiming Zhou and Junyi Huang
DEM-based Ecological Rainfall-Runoff Modelling in Mountainous Area of Hong Kong


Weidong Li and Chuanrong Zhang
Updating Categorical Soil Map with Limited Survey Data by Bayesian Markov Chain Co-Simulation


Hua Wang, YangjieGuo, Zhongqiu Liu, Yaolin Liu and Song Hong
Using spatial autocorrelation and spatial autoregressive models to analyze the spatial pattern of aerosol optical depth and the affecting factors


Xiuying Liao and Hui Cheng
Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform in Methane Concentration


Yaolin Liu and Wei Tang
A hierarchical optimization model for land resource allocation based on genetic algorithm and game theory


Yong Wang, Chengjun Li, Xianbin Yan and Jian Wang
Parallel Algorithm for Calculating Cost Distance of Raster Data


Weihua Dong and Lianen Li
An Empirical Mode Decomposition Method for Automated Line Generalization


Yajie Zhu, Qi Li and Huanfa Chen
System Design of a Simulation System for Hazardous Chemicals Leakage


Yaolin Liu and Jinjin Peng
A Fast Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Land-use Allocation


Yong Wang, Jian Wang, Chengjun Li and Xianbin Yan
Cloud GIS Theory, Method and Practice


Zhenhua Zhu and Hongyan Zhang
Constructing the Historical Database of Administrative Division


Yunfeng Nie, Zhenhua Wu, Pengliu Tan, Zhongmin Li and Sheng Zhang
A Middleware for Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks with the Sensor Web


Yaolin Liu, Diwei Tang, Dianfeng Liu and Xuesong Kong
A Land Use Spatial Allocation Model based on Ant Colony Optimization


Chen Zhou, Zhenjie Chen and Feixue Li
A Dynamic Data Partition Algorithm Oriented to MPI+OpenMP


Seyed Kazem Alavi Panah and Bahram Bahrambeygi
Important topics critical to thermal infrared remote sensing in arid regions


Na Zhao, Tianxiang Yuea, and Mingwei Zhao
Solutions to boundary error problem of HASM


Bo Mao and Jie Cao
Symbolisation of 3D city models for online visualisation


Chen Zeng, Yaolin Liu, Yanfang Liu, Peng Zhou and Jiaxing Cui
Spatial modeling of urban sprawl using remote sensing images in Wuhan, China


Shuai Zhang, Bolei Zhang, Zhenjie Chen and Sanglu Lu
Point collection partitioning in MongoDB Cluster


Changqing Zhu, Deyu Tong and Na Ren
Watermarking Algorithm Based on Invisible Unicode Characters for GIS Attribute Database


Changhua Chen, Dongjing Guo and Xiyun Chen
Geo-statistic based sample size optimization for regional soil organic carbon mapping in North-East China


Xiang Que, Gang Liu and Xiao-Nan Hu
Spatio-temporal data model for landslide dynamic simulation


Yong Gao, Hao Yu, Lei Liu and Xiao Guo
General neighborhood analysis model for grid DEM on CUDA


Lei Liu, Yong Gao, Hao Yu and Xiao Guo
Parallel LOD building for large scale terrain visualization


Jionghua Wang and Xiang Li
Aligning Orthophotographs Taken with Low Altitude UAV above Traffic Intersections


Huatao Sun, Qingquan Liu and Zhangcai Yin
Uses of Lattice Space-Time Field in Irregular Transportation Network Constraint Space


Yong Liu
Geo-objects, Image-objects and Their Relations A Geospatial Cognition Perspective


Dongliang Peng and Min Deng
A Method of Measuring Shape Similarity between multi-scale objects


Jie He , Nengcheng Chen and Wenbao Mi
A Heterogeneous Web Service Integration Method Based-on Semantic Matching


Qiliang Liu and Zhilin Li
Handling Dependence of Spatial Clustering on Scale


Jiaming Xu, Jingyi Tang and Hengxuan Ma
The research on the design and implementation of map elements classification for Mapworld of Nanjing (middle school edition)


Furong Wang and Jiangang Xu
The Studies of Urban Planning Administration Support System Based on Public Interest Sensitivity the Case Analyses of Nanjing City in the View of New Public Service