Community Keynote

This year, we thought we'd do something a little different for one of our keynotes: we're crowdsourcing it! As we're reflecting on the past, state-of-the-art, and future of GeoComputation at the conference, we thought it would be nice for the whole community to get involved in the 'future' bit, deciding where we're going, and what's going to be exciting us all over the next 21 years.

With that in mind, on 28th July, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the future for the subject area: what's currently exciting you; what are the big problems we'll need to tackle; what areas do you think the community will be reaching into over the next few years and longer term? We're happy for realism, but also flying-cars-and-jetpacks style futurology, so don't hold back! What would we do if all data was instantly and publicly available at the global scale? What would we do with thought-reading chips in people's heads!!? What would GeoComp look like if all of reality was augmented?


All contributors who want to be listed will be credited as co-authors of the keynote, and we'd especially encourage new researchers and students to contribute. There's a GoogleForm for contributions below. If you can't make the 28th July, you're welcome to contribute now, but we'll be Tweeting out about contributions as they come in on the 28th, and as the talk comes together. Do follow us on @GeoCompNews and tweet using #geocompkeynote any additional info or thoughts on the day; you can also email stuff to

We look forward to pulling together a real community vision for the future!

For info on our presenters, and our other keynote talks, see our Keynotes page.

NB: None of the questions are compulsory. Add any websites, IDs etc. to the boxes comma, space, or line separated as you like. You can find your lat/long using Bing Maps: find your location and right-click it to bring up a decimal lat and long.