Themed session: Modeling interactions between moving objects

Interactions between and among moving objects are a second-order but important property of movement. In animal movement ecology, interactions can range from physical contact to sharing common resources, to simple awareness and are crucial for understanding spatial ecological processes and behaviors such as mating and territoriality, as well as epizootiology. In human mobility, interactions can reflect actual or potential social interactions or shared activities, and are often the basis for studying social networks and social capital.

New advancements in collecting movement/location data enable more and better quality data to be collected, and have resulted in an increasing number of studies on animal or human interaction, while methodological advancements aimed at improving the ability to analyze and understand interactions has lagged behind. The papers in this session will address some aspect related to measuring, modeling, or interpreting interactions between moving objects of any type.

How to apply

Please apply as normal, but select "Modeling interactions between moving objects" under the topics on the submission page. Although we can't guarentee all accepted submissions a place in the session of their choice, we will do our best to group papers thematically.

Further information

For further information, please contact the session chair: Jennifer Miller.