Themed session: 50 Years of Spatial Interaction Modelling – reflections and prospects

In 1967, a paper titled "A statistical theory of spatial distribution models" by A.G.Wilson was published in Volume 1 of Transportation Research. 50 years on, this paper proved to be seminal, and we can now reflect on the enormous contribution that Alan Wilson's early work (on what became known as Entropy Maximising Spatial Interaction Models), has made to Spatial Science and GeoComputation more generally. This session invites papers, both reflective and prospective, applied and theoretical, which owe something to Wilson's early work in this area. With advances in data, software and theory and the new applications these have brought, spatial interaction modelling still plays a prominent role in GeoComputation and this session will celebrate this contribution.

How to apply

Please apply as normal, but select "50 Years of Spatial Interaction Modelling – reflections and prospects" under the topics on the submission page. Although we can't guarentee all accepted submissions a place in the session of their choice, we will do our best to group papers thematically.

Further information

For further information, please contact the session chair: Adam Dennett.