GeoComputation 2017

2017 International Conference on GeoComputation: Celebrating 21 Years of GeoComputation

4th-7th September 2017, Leeds, UK [Workshops on the 3rd]

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GeoComputation 2017


2017 is the 21st anniversary of the International GeoComputation Conference Series, which started in Leeds, UK, in 1996.

As this seems like a significant birthday, for the 2017 conference we've decided to return the series to its birthplace, and celebrate the last 21 years of contributions from the GeoComputational community. We'll be reflecting on the past, and looking forward to the future.

In the run-up to the conference, during the 20th year, we'll be putting on some celebratory events, encouraging the community to take stock of how far GeoComp has come, and consider where it might go over the next 20 years. You can find out more about these events on our Other Events page. Do let us know if you run anything locally, nationally, or internationally, and we'll add it to the list.

We'll also be putting on some fun stuff at the conference – more to come on that – but in the meantime you can find some of the standard conference dates under 'Key Dates'. You can also find a list of things to see and do around Leeds here.

See contact details for ways to stay in touch, and to get info on the celebrations as we release it.

Key Info

Key Dates

  • 3rd September 2017: Workshops.

  • 4th-7th September 2017: Conference.

  • Past Dates

    • 2nd July 2017: Early bird registration closes and held campus accomodation ends.

    • 12th June 2017: Deadline for revisions.

    • 1st June 2017: Deadline for expressions of interest in childcare facilities.

    • 15th May 2017: Confirmation of paper acceptance.

    • 10th April 2017: Deadline for papers.

    • March 2017: Early bird registration opens. See our registration page for details of how to register and book accomodation.

    • Call for themed sessions (deadline 9th Dec 2016; but drop us a line if you're interested).

    • October 2016: Call for Workshops/Mini-hackathons/mini-training sessions (Deadline 10th November 2016 – but drop us a line if you're interested).
      We welcome applications and suggestions in any GeoComputational area, new and more established. The main day for workshops will be the 3rd Sept 2017, just before the conference. However, we would also like to run some little mini-hackathon/training session things in some of the breaks/lunches during the rest of the conference, so if anyone has any ideas for short and sweet little interactive training bursts, or other activities that engage people in exciting technologies, please get in touch. All ideas welcome. Please email with proposals.

    • 18th November 2015: Call for papers (deadline 10th April 2017).
      We now invite papers for the conference. For details of length, format, and where to submit, see our submission page.


    With conference queries, celebratory events, interesting GeoComp stories, please email:

    To get info as it is released, please subscribe to the Mailing List.

    Social Media

    We also now have a Twitter Feed, where we'll be posting GeoComp relevant news from around the community.
    We'd be delighted to see tweets on #GeoComp, and #GeoCompAt20 in the run-up. We'll be on #GeoComp2017 for the conference.



    2017 Organising Committee

    Andy Evans [mail] [main contact]

    Nick Malleson [mail] [EasyChair contact]

    Alison Heppenstall [mail]

    Lex Comber [mail]