GeoComputation Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on GeoComputation
National Centre for Geocomputation,
National University of Ireland, Maynooth
3-5 September 2007

Sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland; NUI Maynooth; Elsevier; Fáilte Ireland; and the Glenroyal Hotel.

The following papers were first published on CD-ROM. Produced by: Urška Demšar. Publisher: "GeoComputation CD-ROM". [original programme by theme (pdf)]



  Guided Soil Sampling for Enhanced Analysis of Georeferenced Sensor Based Data
V.I. Adamchuk, D.B. Marx, A.T. Kerby, A.K. Samal, L.K. Soh, R.B Ferguson and C.S. Wortmann


  The geo-attribute space: a general space-time-property representation


  MultiAgent GeoSimulation of human behaviors in micro-scale geographic environments: The case of the shopping behavior in a mall
W.Ali and B.Moulin


  Spatial Modeling and Assessment of the Interaction between Modern and Heritage Urban Landscapes with GIS - A case study of Irbid city, Jordan
S.Al-kheder, N.Hadad, L.Fakhoury and S.Baqaen


  Implementing Visual Analytics Methods for Massive Collections of Movement Data
G. Andrienko and N. Andrienko


  Advanced cartogram construction using a constraint based framework
D.Andrieu, C.Kaiser, A.Ourednik and J.Lévy:


  Multi-agent modelling of whale-watching excursions in the Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park (SSLMP) in Quebec, Canada
Sk.M.Anwar, L.Parrott and D.Marceau


  The Geographical Analog Engine: Weighted Euclidean and Semantic Similarity Measures for U.S. Cities


  The breaking points in the “green corridors” due to new Master Plan of Rome
B. Barboni and U. Schiavoni


  Parking in the City: The Model as a Tool for Policy Evaluation
I.Benenson, K.Martens and S.Birfir


  Representing Complex Adaptive Spatial Systems
D.Bennett and W.Tang:


  The Little Algorithm that Grew: Scaling the Morphological Image Compositing Algorithm to meet the Challenges of Processing Large Image Data Sets
C.Bielski, J.Grazzini and P.Soille


  Spatial Distribution of Mountain Pine Beetle in the Morice Timber Supply Area in Western British Columbia between 1995 and 2002
M.Biesiada, M-J.Fortin and T.Nelson


  Cumulative Viewshed Analysis using GRID Computing
J.Blum, K.J.Turner and S.Winterbottom


  GIS and geostatistics for modelling urban times in neighbouring border cities
G.Borruso, V.Iacoviello and A.Porceddu


  Path Estimation from GPS Tracks


  The need for spatial uncertainty in climate data: an example from west African Sahelian rainfall (1930-1990)
A.Chappell and C.T.Agnew


  Uncovering the Secrets of Rare Species: Can Community Level Modelling Help?


  Estimating Light Pollution in Suburban Areas with complex Topography
C.Chalkias and S.Kalogirou


  The Support Vector Machine for Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Regression
T. Cheng , J. Wang and X. Li


  Multi-Criteria Evaluation and Least Cost Path Analysis for Optimal Haulage Routing in Open-Pit Mines
Y.S.Choi, H.D.Park and C.Sunwoo


  Using Image Moment Invariants to Distinguish Classes of Geographical Shapes
J. F. Conley, I. J. Turton and M. N. Gahegan


  Unsupervised Classification of Submarine Landslides
J.A.Corter and P.L.Guth


  Dual-frequency GPS survey for validation of a regional DTM and for the generation of local DTM data for sea-level rise modelling in an estuarine Salt Marsh
S.Coveney, S.Fotheringham, M.Charlton and J.Sweeney


  Application of Geographically Weighted Regression to a 19-year set of house price data in London to calibrate local hedonic price models
R.Crespo, S.Fotheringham and M.Charlton


  Key Challenges in Agent-Based Modelling for Geo-Spatial Simulation
A.Crooks, C.Castle and M.Batty


  A Local Regression Analysis of Irish Farm Census Data
C.Crowley and J.Walsh


  A genetic algorithm for spatiotemporal cluster detection and analysis
D.Dai and T.J.Oyana


  Employing agents to develop integrated urban models - numerical results from residential mobility experiments
O.Devisch, T.Arentze, A.Borgers and H.Timmermans


  Network-Based Kernel Density Estimation for Home Range Analysis
J.A. Downs and M.W. Horner


  Embedding spatial agents into irregular cellular automata models of urban land use change to improve scenario exploration and decision making
S. Dragicevic


  Modelling Changing Hospital Service Accessibility in Ireland 1999-2006
R.Foley and M.Charlton


  On the use of geodesic distances for spatial interpolation
J.Grazzini, P.Soille and C.Bielski


  Grid Enabling Geographically Weighted Regression
D.J.Grose, R.Harris, C.Brundson and D.Kilham


  Quantification and classification of urban change patterns


  Land-use modelling in a transnational context


  Modelling school catchments, choices and ethnic segregation: a geocomputational approach


  Geostatistical modelling of topography using auxiliary maps
T.Hengl, B.Bajat, H.I.Reuter and D.Blagojevic


  Estimating hydraulic and aerodynamic roughness using illumination and shadow of digital elevation models
G.L.Heritage and A.Chappell


  How to Identify Types of Spatial Processes - An Example


  Agent-Based Clusters to Virtually Manage Spatially Distributed Sensors
N. Jabeur and P.A. Graniero


  The developing Actuality of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Technology in China


  Research on remote sensed image Classification Based on morphological feature extraction
Z.Jiang and C.Xiao-Ling


  Health Atlas Ireland
H.Johnson and M.McIntyre


  A dedicated Geographic Exploration Interface for the monitoring of worldwide Farm Animal Genetic Resources
S.Joost and A.Pointet


  A 2-Pass Data Mining Technique for Spatio-Temporal Datasets
M-T.Kechadi, M.Bertolotto, S.Di Martino and F.Ferrucci


  The Effects of Underlying Asymmetry and Outliers in data on the Residual Maximum Likelihood Variogram:A Comparison with the Method of Moments Variogram
R.Kerry and M.A.Oliver


  Geostatistical Alternatives for Incorporating Covariates in Areal Interpolation
P.C.Kyriakidis and M.F.Goodchild


  A geographic automata system for modelling disease outbreaks in wild and unfenced animal populations
S.W.Laffan, E.Lubarsky, M.P.Ward and L.D.Highfield


  M5 Model Tree applied to modelling town centre area activities for the city of Nottingham
T.K.T.Le, R.J.Abrahart and N.J.Mount


  Re-scaling Terrain Variables
B.G.Lees, Q.K.Yang and D.L.Jupp


  Software algorithm for decoding GPS from spatially encoded video
P.Lewis, T.McCarthy, A.Winstanley and A.S.Fotheringham


  Agent-Based Services for Validating Multi-Agent Models
Y.Li, A.J.Brimicombe and C.Li


  Spati-temporal Changes of NDVI and Their Relations with Precipitation and Temperature in Yangtze River Catchment from 1992 to 2001
Z.Li and C.Xiao-Ling


  Spatial Statistical Modelling of Traffic Accidents
Y.Liu and D.Jarrett


  Self Organizing Maps for Urban Modelling
V.Lobo, P.Cabral and F.Bação:


  The Roy Bose simultaneous confidence interval approach to multivariate multitemporal pairwise comparisons within and between objects
M.P. Mac Siúrtáin


  Patch Metrics as Surrogates of Structural Complexity of Remnant Vegetation


  Cellular Landscapes and Infectious Disease


  Agent-Based Modelling and Crime in Leeds


  Fuzzy Geographically Weighted Clustering
G.A.Mason and R.D.Jacobson


  Reasoning-Ready Sensor Data
J.D.McCarthy and P.A.Graniero


  Multifaceted Geocomputation to Support Ecological Modelling in Yellowstone
D. L. McGinnis, C. Anderson, M. W. Williams and D. A. Bennett


  Channel-adaptive Interpolation for Improved Bathymetric TIN
J.K.McGrath, J.P.O’Kane, K.J.Barry and R.C.Kavanagh


  Identifying Travel to Work Areas in Ireland: A Hierarchical Approach using GIS
Meredith D, Charlton M. , Foley R. and Walsh J.


  Integrative spatial-spectral-temporal remote sensor models of urban configuration and sustainability


  Delineation & Representation of Linear Megadunes from CSI-SRTM DEM


  Time geographic fields: A continuous velocity theory for time geography
H.J.Miller and S.A.Bridwell


  Using simulated data to explore the effects of spatial structure, sampling strategy, and statistical methods on species distribution models


  Applying Recommendation Algorithms to Collections of Geospatial Metadata
P.Mooney and A.Winstanley


  Performance assessment of a new Vector-based Geographic Cellular Automata Model
N.L.Moreno and D.J.Marceau


  Accessibility to Health Care in Rural Ireland
K.Morrissey, G.Clarke, D.Ballas and C.O’Donoghue


  Modelling accessibility via transportation networks based upon previous experience: a Geographically Weighted Regression approach
D.M.Mountain, J.L.Y.Tsui and J.F.Raper


  GeoComputational Approaches to Coverage Maximization in Service Facility Siting
A.T.Murray, T.C.Matisziw, D.Tong and H.Wei


  On block bootstrapping areal data


  Fractal Analysis of Pedestrian Egress, Behavior and Efficiency
A.Nara and P.M.Torrens


  Geocomputing Made Simple: Service-Chain Based Automated Geoprocessing for Precision Agriculture
E.Nash, J.Bobert, K-O. Wenkel, W.Mirschel and R.Wieland


  Semi-automatic Use of High Resolution Images and Digital Elevation Models for Counting and Identification of Forest Trees
D.Neves and C.Carneiro


  Computing and calibrating disaggregated spatial interaction models
M.E.O’Kelly and M.Niedzielski


  Heuristically Driven Random Walks Across Large Scale Graphs
A.C.Olden and G.E.Taylor


  A Geospatial Implementation of a Novel Delineation Clustering Algorithm Employing the K-means


  Correlating street centrality with commerce and service location in cities
S.Porta and V.Latora


  Can general models of marine biota be applied broadly for accurate and affective habitat mapping?
B.Radford, N.Goldberg, K.Holmes, K.van Neil, and G.Kendrick


  Novel Structural Analyses of Surface Networks


  Fuzzy Logic Method for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, “Rio Blanco”, Nicaragua


  Reducing Boundary Effects in Image Texture Segmentation Using Weighted Semivariogram
Y.Shou-Jing and C.Xiao-Ling


  Exploratory Cartographic Visualisation of Health and Higher Education the through Google Maps API
A.Singleton, M.Gibin and P.Longley


  Self-Organising Maps for exploration of spatio-temporal emergency response data
O.Špatenková,U.Demšar and J.Krisp


  Improving Map Generalisation of Buildings by Introduction of Urban Context Rules
S.Steiniger and P.Taillandier


  Exploring housing patterns and dynamics in low demand neighbourhoods using Geographically Weighted Regression
G.Squires and R.Kingston


  Automatic Grounding of Vague Geographic Ontology in Data
A.Third, B.Bennett and D.Mallenby


  Spatial pattern of channel network in Jiuyuangou drainage basin
Z.Ting, T.Guo-an, L.Xuejun, Z.Yi and J.Dunxin


  Socio-economic cluster detection with Spatial Scan Statistics. Case study: services at intra-urban scale
D.Tuia, C.Kaiser, A.DaCunha amd M.Kanevski


  Geographic Information Retrieval from Disparate Data Sources
I.Turton, M.Gahegan and A.Jaiswal


  Zen and the Art of GIS: Visualising what can’t be seen


  Collapsible 3D Terrains for GIS Visualization
S.Wang, R.Beiko and S.Brooks


  Multi-Scale Modelling of Population and Land Use with a Variable Grid CA
R.White and I.Uljee


  Bringing agents into the spatial microsimulation
B.M.Wu, M.H.Birkin and P.H.Rees


  Considering Diversity in Spatial Decision Support Systems


  Public Participation GIS for the General Public?
N.Xiao, O.Ahlqvist and M-P.Kwan


  Multi-category Tempo-Spatial Pattern Analysis (McTSPA)
Y.Xie and X.Ye


  New Frameworks for Urban Sustainability Assessments: Linking Complexity, Information and Policy
Moira L. Zellner and Thomas L. Theis


  A Constrained CA Model to Simulate Urban Growth of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Y.Zhao and Y.Murayama



  Towards routine large-scale, discrete spatial event simulations
E-W.Augustijn-Beckers and By


  Moving Objects Management in a 3D Dynamic Environment
L.Hashemi Beni, M.A.Mostafavi and M.L.Gavrilova


  Land use change simulation model based on MCDM and CA and its application


  A new geocomputational algorithms for forest classification and mapping using satellite remote sensing data


  Traffic simulation environment for Multi-Agent systems based on GIS
P.Dergel, P.Fuks and L.Hrubá


  Smart Environments and LBS to support pedestrian navigation


  Deriving Cellular Automata Rules for Areas at Risk of West Nile Virus Infection
G.Green, S.Ahearn, R.Carney and A.McConchie:


  Global SRTM Geomorphometric Atlas


  Non-linear behaviour, emergence, and complexity in geographical systems
A.J.Heppenstall, A.J.Evans and L.M.See


  Marine versus terrestrial predictive mapping: Geographic modelling constraints of working underwater
K.W.Holmes, B.Radford and K.P.Van Niel


  Land Use Change Modelling Using Markov Chain and Neural Network: Potentialities and Limitations
Y.Hu, A.R.Watkinson and A.A.Lovett


  Using Urban Viewsheds for Embedding Geographical Context in Photograph Databases of Urban Areas
T.Joliveau and S.Rana


  Complete Route Computing for Non-drivers Based on Public Transport Network and Pedestrian Network
Y.Liu, X.Zhang and H.Sun


  Forecasting Using the Mixture of Local Expert Models
B.Melo and C.L.Nascimento Jr


  Geostatistical Analysis: Software Flashpoint
J.Negreiros, A.C.Costa, M.Painho , J.Santos and I.Lopes


  Towards a Measure of Joint Space-Time Accessibility: Conceptualization and Theoretical Framework
T.Neutens, T.Schwanen, F.Witlox and Ph.De Maeyer


  Vector Approaches to Urban Morphogenesis Modelling
C.Plazanet and V.Silva


  Geospatial Techniques for a Multi-Resolution Assessment of Post-Fire Boreal Vegetation Residual Patterns
T.K.Remmel and A.H.Perera


  TCP Interface To Access the MICRODEM GIS Engine
R.Thibaud, P.L.Guth, P.Alessio and S.Méline


  Geography Cartography Service: A Case Study of On-Demand Geo-Computing
J.Wang, G.H.Gan, Y.Xu and Z.Q.Wang


  Using Spatial Data Analysis in Distribution System Design
M.S.Zaeri, J.Shahrabi and M.Pariazar


  An automatic updating method for geospatial data with lightweight network GIS
Y.H.Zeng and Z.H.Tian


  Evaluating location-based functionality from the perspective of the user: a case study from the Greenwich Observatory
R.Zhumagulova, D.M.Mountain and C.Rhin